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This has got the attention of worldwide privacy services, in the UK  they are being investigated by the ICO which oversees all aspects of GDPR and other data protection laws in the UK.

What Ai Recall actually does amongst other things is take a screen shot every 30 seconds and store it ‘locally’ on your machine however what happens if you sell your machine, there could be the potential to leak all of your personal information to any bad actor who has your device, maybe borrowing it or bought it 2nd hand and you haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Microsoft state that you can opt in or opt out however, past experience with Microsoft is that you may opt in without even realising it as no doubt it will be ‘Recommended’ so people who aren’t tech savvy will apply it because Microsoft recommend it.

We at North Wales Computer Services who are not happy with the intrusion of Microsoft Co-pilot already in Windows and it’s browser are taking steps to block it on PC’s & Laptops we service, if you would like to take advantage of this please contact us